New Members

Bowls is a game for all ages and an excellent way of making new friends., it is also good exercise. There is no need to have played before we will show you how to play, Bowls is a very simple game to learn as you can get started almost immediately, after just a 10 minute introduction covering the basics of the game.

Roll ups (a friendly practice) can be done any afternoon or evening provided the green is available. We have a regular afternoon practice on Wednesday from 2pm.

The cost of joining the club and playing is very cheap, New Members pay a reduced membership fee for the first year, which is currently £30*, and then when you play a match against another club you pay for your meal (usually £5 or less) and a £1 for a raffle ticket.

If your interested in joining there are a few ways you find out more:

  • Our Open Day this year is at the end of April 2019 and if you live in the Standon and Puckeridge area you might find a leaflet put through your door, or a notice on one of the notices board, or an announcement on the PS News.
  • Feel free to come down on a Wednesday and have a chat with with some of the members who are having a practice. There is normally a committee member or two there.
  • You can use the contact form (one the right hand side of the navigation member) and we’ll get back to you with more information.

* Note: the new member reduction price is for people new to the game, and not existing players moving from another club