This is the table you can use to see if the rinks are free for a singles match until the latest ‘2 people can play’ restrictions are lifted

No more than 2 rinks can be in play at anyone time so the maximum people allowed in the club is 4 at anyone time

To book a slot – email or call/text on 07976 237050

Only members can book – see advice on how matches should be carried out below

All Friendly Fixtures

 DayRink11.00 am13.30 pm16.00 pm6.30 pm
Tuesday19-May1  Peter & Ralph   
 2 2   
 DayRink11.00 am13.30 pm16.00 pm6.30 pm

The following advice from Bowls England will be followed:

To minimise the risk of infection, only essential items (as below) should be utilised during any session:




Rink markers


Scorecards (these should be retained by one person only if required) There are very few cards in the clubhouse – I have attached a print yourself scorecard for your use

Bowling arm/lifter (for use by one person only if required)

The advice does not say anything about measuring tape – our advice is ‘if you can measure with only one person holding the measure and the other player can practice social distancing then it can be carried out – if a second pair of hands is needed (i.e. for a long measure) then use common sense and adjudicate by eye and do not swap measures – use your own  

One player should place the mats (and these should be left on the ground at each end to minimise contact)

Jacks – It seems prudent that an agreed length is set at the beginning of the game and two jacks are used and the jack rerolled into position at the beginning of each end



Bowls pushers

Ditch markers

2m distance sticks



We are suggesting that play is between club members only and is on a friendly basis

Match format is up to the two people involved

No more than 2 rinks can be in play at anyone time so the maximum people allowed in the club is 4 at any one time

Exit and entrance to the club will be via the front door but if two people arrive at the same time use discretion and observe social distancing going through this area.

The clubhouse should only be used for toilet facilities

The mats and jacks for the games can be collected from the clubhouse (by the bar)

Rink markers will be placed and left out for the foreseeable future

Please provide your own hand sanitiser and on completion of the game use it on the jacks & mats you have been playing with

Bowls England have suggested that there is a 20 minute period for departing players to leave before new players start – hence the staggering of the booking times – Just please be sensible in entering the club house and entering the outside green area – there are not that many of us so it shouldn’t be congested


We are reinstating a limited membership fee

Each person should pay a £10 membership (covering the rest of 2020) Memberships can be paid via online bank transfer (contact Ralph or Andy for the Account details) or by letting Ralph or Andy know that you will be leaving a clearly marked envelope in the club house – electronic payment is preferred

Once you have booked your first rink it is presumed that you have activated your membership

Game fee £3 per game per person – a note will be kept of bookings and the person booking the rink will be responsible for paying the whole cost of the rink (this can be paid electronically or we will keep running totals and collect these fees when we can get back together safely – do not leave cash in the clubhouse)